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Ptetra Throttle Rotor (Honda K-Series AW11 MR2)

Ptetra Throttle Rotor (Honda K-Series AW11 MR2)

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We developed this throttle rotor for use on Honda K-Series swapped AW11 MR2.

Using an OEM or off-the-shelf Honda K-Series throttle body with the AW11 MR2 gas pedal results in very little pedal travel due to the difference in throttle rotor size. This larger diameter throttle rotor fixes that issue and provides full range of motion of the MR2 gas pedal.

The newest version of our throttle rotor utilizes a titanium key and multiple throttle stop pin positions to allow greater flexibility in regards to mounting position. Although originally designed to work with the Skunk2 Pro Series throttle body the flexibility offered should allow this rotor to work on other throttle bodies with a 8mm throttle shaft with a 5mm flat as well.

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