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Mugen MC10 (17"x8.5" +35 5x114.3)

Mugen MC10 (17"x8.5" +35 5x114.3)

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A new wheel from Mugen based on the classic MF10 design.

Mugen produced these in limited quantities exclusively for their Asia-Pacific parts distributors. We have imported these to allow enthusiasts outside of southeast Asia a chance to own the latest wheel from Mugen.

Starting from the classic competition-grade wheel "MF", the reborn new casting aluminum wheel "MC10" and "MC10L" combine the visual experience with the design style of the Mugen body to meet the high-intensity requirements of track competition. Adopt anti-skid offset flange design, which can improve tire adhesion, and make the rim body have a radial angle by spinning, which can support large-size brake groups.

"MC10" is made by spinning manufacturing process, and "MC10L" is specially processed to achieve a perfect balance between lightweight and high rigidity.


  • Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3
  • Size: 17"x8.5"
  • Offset: +35
  • Color: Championship White
  • Weight: 21.6 lbs each

Set of 4 wheels. Includes valve stems and center caps

Condition: New

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